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With its unique corporate culture and unique judgment of international economic development, Huafu has been developing and growing in the industry.

After years of practice, innovation and unremitting efforts, the "Huafu" screw manufactured by the company is widely distributed at home and abroad. The quality and service of the products have been widely praised by the users at home and abroad.

The company uses the latest international technology and processing and testing equipment carefully manufactured, to ensure the accuracy and quality of products, so that it can improve the service life and good wear resistance, corrosion resistance.

The company for the use of screw environment is different, choose different alloy steel as raw materials, such as 38CrMoALA, 9Cr18MoV, SKD11, SKD61 bimetal and so on.

The company to undertake mapping, design, reconstruction and repair and batch processing business.

Make full use of advanced screw design technology and technology, so that customers can get more value for money products.

The company with new business philosophy and advanced technology and equipment to meet customer needs, to create a harmonious and win-win atmosphere.



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