The relationship between different types of extruder and temperature, melting pressure and other parameters

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The shear performance of extruder is determined by the screw structure of extruder. But the quality of extrusion and extrusion efficiency, but also depends on the extrusion process and extruder shear performance. Otherwise, low shear extruder adopts high extrusion speed, it is difficult to produce high quality extruder products, high shear extruder in low extrusion speed operation, it is difficult to effectively play the extrusion efficiency. Extruders with different shear properties have a certain range of process control, which is limited. The extrusion process route advocated by the industry is "saddle type", that is, the heating area is set at a higher temperature, the constant temperature area is set at a lower temperature, and the insulation area is set at a higher temperature. But different shear performance extruder in different extrusion speed operation, "saddle type" "saddle" and "seat" height is completely different.


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